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Re: Font size definjition for 1st paragraph in stylesheet?


There are two options you have. If you have control over the AsciiDoc, you can assign a role to the first paragraph, which disables the implicit "lead" role, which is what is giving it the different font size.

The other option, if you don't have control over the AsciiDoc, is to add the following to your CSS:

#preamble > .sectionbody > [class="paragraph"]:first-of-type p {
  font-size: inherit


On Wed, Apr 28, 2021 at 6:24 AM Tobi [via Asciidoctor :: Discussion] <[hidden email]> wrote:
I'm using a style sheet that I've inherited from a person that is not available any more for a request. Moreover, I neither have a black belt in Asciidoctor nor CSS.
The stylesheet I'm using is outputting the first paragraph in a different font size than all other paragraphs. For waht do I have to search the stylesheet to adjust this?
Unfortunately, the stylesheet is quite big and seems to have a lot of abandoned defintions.
Thank you in advance!

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