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Yes, developing a LSP implementation for AsciiDoc is a stated goal of the AsciiDoc WG. ( under future work) And since this pertains to the language itself, the WG is the appropriate place to deal with it. I would certainly encourage research / development of a prototype within Asciidoctor so we can gain some experience with it. But the final artifact will come out the AsciiDoc WG (more specifically, out of a project that is under it).

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since there is better support for editor(s) I want to use (e.g. SublimeText) for AsciiDoc(tor) than for the ConTeXt markup, I've decided to use it for all my writings (blog posts, slide-presentations, study-notes, articles etc.), but I wonder if there is some plan to have Language Server Protocol (LSP) support for AsciiDoc since it would greatly benefit markup language since all the major editors have LSP clients?


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