Printing table cell from CSV completely verbatim

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Printing table cell from CSV completely verbatim

I have a CSV table that contains some fields with regular expressions and I would like to display this table in the documentation.

I'm currently using:


To include the data.

The problem is that I have regular expressions in the form: "^(RIGHT\.[A-Z0-9]+-1|LEFT\.[A-Z0-9]+)$"

Because of the two plus signs in the expression the content gets rendered as: "^(RIGHT\.-1|LEFT\.[A-Z0-9])$"

Now is there a way to force asciidoctor to render this column, (or all cells) completely verbatim without any processing?
I would like to avoid changing the content of the CSV itself as it is also consumed by other tooling.

I already tried to declare the column as as literal via cols="l" and while this renders the column as literal formatting it still removes the +.

Thank you for your help.