Adding css class resp. role to a horizontal ruler and table rows

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Adding css class resp. role to a horizontal ruler and table rows

Hi @all,

we are using asciidoctor to create a documentation dynamically out of very a high number of ruby scripts (thousands of ruby scripts). These ruby scripts are test scripts and the result is a generated test specification in html.

To handle the prose parts which should be rendered into the test specficiation we've created seperate ruby classes that can be used inside those ruby scripts where the content can be retrieved back during a kind of "dry-run" (without a running test environment). These classes also know specific conditions which can evaluate to true resp. false. To evaluate such conditions a seperate xml file exists which contain these conditions with their according values true/false. For different customers the values of these conditions are adjusted differently in the xml. Based on the evaluation result of the conditions we are assigning specific css classes to the different supported elements, e.g. lists, headlines, table cells, etc. (i.e. css classes ".valid" resp. ".invalid"). This way we can generate i nice html for all customers at the same time (by using erb templates that write the according adoc). In the end we use an own css and add a bit of javascript to be able to hide/show also the invalid content in the html (via javscript property 'style.display').

For most of the things we are using there is built-in support by Asciidoctor. But in wonder if there is really no possibility to add a css class to

- a horizontal ruler (workaround with adding html directly)
- to a table and all children elements and if this is not possible to each table row directly (workaround with adding class/role to each table cell separately and via javascript later on to the 'closest' tr-element)