Using asciidoctor stylesheet with asciidoctor-reveal.js

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Using asciidoctor stylesheet with asciidoctor-reveal.js


I am using asciidoctor-reveal.js to create presentations.

My understanding is that the overall style of the presentation is determined by the reveal.js theme.

Is it possible to use standard asciidoctor.css instead? I know that I can probably *just* include it, but I imagine asciidoctor and reveal.js styles will conflict with each other?

The reason I want to do this is because asciidoctor style looks much better to my taste, and beacause I want presentations and  other materials (for which I use asciidoctor-html) have consistent styling.

I was able to do asciidoctor-styled presentations before, using asciidoctor-pdf.js (like this:  However this time I am specifically interested in producing a reveal.js presentation.