The asciidoc <prodedure> tag

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The asciidoc <prodedure> tag

Hello all,

I'm currently migrating the RichFaces docs from docbook 4.5 to asciidoc.  The first problem I have come up against is a lack of support in asciidoc for the <prodedure> tag.  Dan has already captured this in an asciidoctor issue [1], and proposed an asciidoc syntax for the presentation tag (see the github issue [1] to see what the proposal looks like).

Being new to asciidoc, I don't have much feedback to offer to the proposal, other than "looks good to me!".  I'd appreciate if others could comment on whether or not Dan's proposal would make a good fit, so we could go about implementing this in asciidocor (and I can move on with my migration from docbook!).

Thanks in advance,
Brian Leathem