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Re: Asciidoctor for Hugo needs a document for caveats...

This sounds like a great idea. We don't really have any control over how AsciiDoc is handled in Hugo since the project maintains tight control over that integration. But the Asciidoctor community could certainly help the users by providing documentation resources. I'd be happy to allocate a section in the new docs site for this content.

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On Mon, Mar 30, 2020 at 7:40 PM benibilme [via Asciidoctor :: Discussion] <[hidden email]> wrote:

Because of many things, multilanguage support, flexible directory structure, much less plugin dependecy etc, I have decided to settle on Hugo instead of Jekyll.. My main requirement is as always asciidoc support. Hugo supports it well. However its documentation does not mention anything about asciidoctor just states the parameters how asciidoctor is called.

For example, currently I can not display images under static directory via asciidoctor and I do not know why, however hmtl figure fragment does it..

I really would to see a helper document for hugo similar to one jekyll-asciidoctor-plugin...Which is an excellent documentation.

If I had a firm grasp of things, I would gladly prepare it....

Hugo probably is the most popular framework right now, event passing jekyll, so making asciidoctor well documented for Hugo, I am sure will pay of for asciidoctor popularity....


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