Literal builds with AsciiDoc and Jenkins (proposed)

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Literal builds with AsciiDoc and Jenkins (proposed)

Today, Stephen Connolly of CloudBees announced the literal build plugin for Jenkins, which uses structured information in the README file to perform a CI build for a project.

We've been talking a lot about the importance of structured content here in the Asciidoctor community. This is a perfect example of how structured content can be reused in multiple--and, in this case, novel--ways.

The literate build plugin currently reads a Markdown file. I think this leaves the door wide open for someone to demonstrate the suitability of AsciiDoc for this purpose, and even make the plugin more intelligent as a result.

If you're looking for a novel idea to explore between documentation and automation, I think this is a great opportunity. Imagine that this could also be used to automate documentation workflows...self-assembling guides, manuals and websites, for example.

...of course, you could also look into doing the same thing for Travis CI :) So much to explore!