Is there a way to break/wrap a long string in a table cell?

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Is there a way to break/wrap a long string in a table cell?


I'm a beginner with Asciidoctor. I've read some of the official guides, but I've not been able to find a solution for this matter. Can you help me, please?

I've a table in which each column has a relative width assigned. For example, this one:


My problem arises when I've a long unbreakable string in one of the columns and I produce a document using the HTML 5 back-end. That string can be, for example, an URL.  I expected that the string were broken at any character, in 2 or more chunks, so that it not affected the width of the column. But, instead of that, the column gets resized beyond the width that I've set. The result is ugly and reduces the readability.

In CSS 3, it's easy to achieve the division or wrapping of unbreakable strings, by setting the "word-break" attribute to "break-all". But I've not been able to find something equivalent in Asciidoctor. Does it exist or should I create my own CSS theme, derived from the official one, for that? In case that it doesn't exist, Is it a reasonable feature to request to the developers?

Thank you.