Inconsistency in formatted inline elements - space before role name

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Inconsistency in formatted inline elements - space before role name

I'm experimenting with Asciidoctor for several use cases, one of which where I require the ability to redact content. This is intended to convey output for the reader where sensitive information has been removed. A dark highlight and matching text color suits this need (also removing the sensitive content and replacing it with AAAAAAA or similar so that it is not copied and pasted). Asciidoctor-pdf's support for inline element formatting seems to support this:
// theme.yml
    font-color: #000000
    background-color: #000000
When the inline element is applied using [.redact]#redacted text# it works OK, except when there is no space immediately before [.redact]:
// sample.adoc
:markup-in-source: verbatim,quotes

= Sample Document for Redacting Text

Jimmy Hoffa is buried at [.redact]#this is redacted for secrecy#. Please don't share this information.
It would be dis[.redact]#astrous# for all concerned.

.MySQL Login
$ mysql -u root -p [.redact]#P@ssw0rd# wordpress
Incorrect password.
$ mysql -u root -p[.redact]#P@ssw0rd# wordpress
Rendered PDF Output for Sample
Is it possible to get the inline element role formatting to work when there is no space in front of the role name, or am I misunderstanding/misusing this feature?

Thank you!