Build only new adocs / parallelise builds

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Build only new adocs / parallelise builds


total newbie to gradle and asciidoctor, although I have been using it now for a few months.

We have a Git project that contains a whole range of adoc files (reports), and the list of files is growing all the time.
In the gradle build we defined several tasks like buildReport for a single report or buildAllReports for all reports.

A single report build is easy and independent of all the other reports.

BuildAll, on the other hand, always builds every single report, even if the artefact (PDF document) already exists.
The builds also do not go faster if I specify --parallel: I have made a build with --scan, and the output confirms that gradle sees the building of all documents as a single task.


How can I instruct gradle/asciidoc-plugin to only build documents for which no artefact exist?
How can I build all documents in parallel?

Thanks for all your help