A style makeover for AsciiDoc

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A style makeover for AsciiDoc

As you may have heard me say, or perhaps from others, the themes in AsciiDoc are downright ugly. Documentation doesn't have to suck to look at. So, I decided to do something about it :)

Here's a preview of new set of themes I've been developing forĀ AsciiDoc, including the proposed default theme forĀ Asciidoctor.


These themes were developed using Foundation 4, a front-end framework similar to Bootstrap, but IMO more flexible for custom designs.

Feedback welcome! The source for these stylesheets can be found in this repo:

NOTE: At the moment, the preview site is published manually. My plan is to get it setup as an Awestruct build so that we can easily update the preview as the designs evolve and new ones are introduced.


Dan Allen
Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat | Author of Seam in Action
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