24 pull requests for Asciidoctor!

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24 pull requests for Asciidoctor!


Asciidoctor is participating again this year in the 24 pull requests challenge. It's a fun way to get your hack on during the holidays.

Last year at this time, 24 pull requests provided the spark to reignite Asciidoctor development. And it hasn't slowed down since! It definitely proved to be a great motivator.

The spirit of the challenge is to initiate a total of 24 pull requests by Dec 25 to give back to open source. Any pull request counts. You don't need to do one pull request per day. You can do a bunch on one day, then map them to days missed or days ahead. The only constraint is that you have 24 pull requests sent by Dec 25.

To get credit, you need to sign in to 24pullrequests.com to select each pull request you want to count towards your total. You don't have to wait for the pull request to be merged.

You can find more information about the challenge below.

Instead of listening to holiday songs on endless replay, put on your headphones, dial in and...

Hack & Be Merry!



> The purpose of the project is to give back little gifts of code for Christmas.
> We made a huge impact in 2012. 881 developers submitted 3210 pull requests to 1521 different open source projects. That's pretty amazing.
> This year, December is upon us! Whether or not you celebrate Christmas, this winter season is a great time to remember how privileged we are to be a part of such a great community and to have the opportunity to use libraries built by world class developers. For free. So why not celebrate this community by giving back? 
> Here's how you can get involved. During the first 24 days of December, you can:
> Contribute
> 24 Pull Requests will suggest projects for you based on languages you're familiar with. Set your email frequency in your profile and get project suggests delivered right to your inbox. Even if your GitHub contribution visualization already looks like a veritable sea of hundreds of dark green squares, why not take advantage of the season and try working with some new language or projects? 
> Add a Project
> Are you a project maintainer dying to get some of your issues closed? Sign in to 24 Pull Requests and add your project. Other developers will be looking for projects to contribute to. Why not tell them how they can help?
> Tell Your Friends
> Just like any project, 24 Pull Requests thrives by getting the word out. Tweet your progress throughout the month. Know some great developers? Point them to @24pullrequests on Twitter. Feeling extra generous? Organize a hackathon to maximize your pull request goodness. How about volunteering at your local RailsBridge or RailsGirls event. These are the developers who are going to be driving 24 Pull Requests and other great projects in future years!
> Hack on 24 Pull Requests
> Check out the issue queue for 24 Pull Requests itself. See anything you might know how to fix? It could be as easy as submitting a failing test. Anything to make progress on closing some of the issues.
> We'll see you on December 1st, ready to make some awesome open source contributions.
> Cheers,
> Your friends at 24 Pull Requests
> 24 Pull Requests is made possible by all the contributors and the generous help of our sponsors, GitHub, DNSimple and Heroku.
> Copyright © 2013 24 Pull Requests, All rights reserved.