2 new conversion tools for AsciiDoc

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2 new conversion tools for AsciiDoc


I happy to announce two new conversion tools that have landed this week for AsciiDoc, one that converts to AsciiDoc (from DocBook) and one that converts from AsciiDoc (to PDF).

I've been itching to get stated on a (more robust) DocBook to AsciiDoc converter. I gave it a shot this weekend to assess how much effort is involved. As it turns out, not too much based on how far I got. I named the tool DocBookRx.


What sets this tool apart is that it's written in a language we mere morals can actually hack on and/or port (unlike pandoc - Haskell and docbook2asciidoc - XSL). I can't understand why people keep using XSL when every language out there has tons of XML libraries. Well, we no longer have to wonder.

The other tool that landed has very similar goals to asciidoctor-fopdf, and perhaps may be joined in the future. In short, the goal is professional looking PDF output without the pain of setting up all the tools involved.

The project is named asciidoc2html-pdf. You can read about it on their blog:


Happy converting!