2 ideas to help end users (doc, web template)

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2 ideas to help end users (doc, web template)


I'm thinking about 2 ideas to do to help end users when they use, test, discover asciidoctor :

1) Web Template

This is where a user should/could discover the power asciidoc(tor). The web template should be a web page proposing in a menu bar different options :

- Backend Type : HTML5, DocBook, DeckJS, 'ManPage', 'RevealJS'
- Style : Asciidoctor (default), BootStrap, ....
- Export : HTML (default), PDF
- Attributes : key=value list separated by comma --> linkcss=,icons=font,...

and a textareabox where the user can copy / paste its asciidoc(tor) txt

Remark : IF the user does not provide a a text, we can generate one using a sample (like we also have for DZSlide)

2) Table of attributes / parameters

Asciidoc(doctor) proposes hundred of attributes + parameters which are described in different sections/parts of the documentation but not in a index list (like javadoc - http://camel.apache.org/maven/current/camel-core/apidocs/index.html). What I suggest/propose is that when we generate the asciidoctor documentation corresponding to a specific version we also create indexed pages describing the attributes + parameters, a snippet example of the code and also (why not) block, inline, sections, ... html.xxx (where xxx = haml, erb, slim) where they are used.



Charles Moulliard
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