unwanted capitalization of initial letter during {revnumber} expansion

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unwanted capitalization of initial letter during {revnumber} expansion

I am using {revnumber} for reporting revision information as per SHA1 hash assigned by the respective revision control system (e.g. fossil, git, hg ...) in the formatted document (since asciidoctor seems not to allow an insecure mode ans `sys:xxx' (?) the respective attribute value is inserted by a tiny preprocessing script.).

my problem: asciidoctor formats the hash by capitalizing the first letter so I end up with something like

"Version Ff2b935235" rather than the desired "Version ff2b935235".

it sure is a "micro issue", but still....

Q1: how to work around this?

Q2: could this implicit capitalization  not be made configurable somehow? (it only happens in the header line which also is not necessarily desirable in my view)

thank you