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Hi everyone,

I am writing documentation and export to HTML and PDF (asciidoctor).
As some of my tables are too long to fit on one PDF page, and the remaining parts on page 2 gets somehow messed up I want to decrease the font size of my tables.

in my theme I added:

  font_size: 11

That works for normal tables, but the ones with lists are ignored. For them I need to use the a| notation in order to make the listed items appear correctly.

Here a sample of my table:

[cols="40,2,40", grid="none", frame="none", stripes="none"]

a|**Deployment Options**

* COTS Hardware
* Virtual Environments
* Amazon AWS



* OPEX – instance based
* OPEX – consumption based


Is there any way of getting it to use smaller font sizes with listed items?

Thanks in advance!