Tables: col centering + row spanning = error?

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Tables: col centering + row spanning = error?

I have a table with the following spec at the top:

[cols="2,2,^1,^1,^1,^1,<3", options="header"]

Intended to have left-horizontally aligned cols 1, 2 and last, and centred for the rest.

Then, some rows have the following:


To get a 3-row span in the first column.

The result is nearly correct, except that column centering doesn't work properly in the subsequent rows of the groups starting with a row-span marker shown above.

It seems to me as if cell-counting is being used to determine what column the formatting is output for, without taking account of the row-spanning. Or is there just a trick to make this work that I can't see in the documentation?

Thanks for any ideas.