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Multi-page HTML output?

I've searched the discussion archive a bit, and I see references to various external tools to massage a single HTML file produced by AD into multiple files.

Is there a native way these days to do this? E.g. some simple variable(s) / attributes to set?

See this example - it's probably 100 pp plus in PDF form. With all the CSS, it's a big load in a browser, when people generally want to just see one chapter.

Ideally I would like the choice to have multi-file output that has the structure of TOC in the left side (as today, although folding would be nice) and a file per level-1 section or chapter (or choosable what section level causes file splitting). I assume this means that each file has to have a copy of the TOC in it, unless a more Javascript approach is taken to treat the output as a small website, as e.g. this UML tool output.

I don't see any way in the current user manual to do this.

- thomas