Line break within a word leads to 'non-searchability'

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Line break within a word leads to 'non-searchability'

Hi everybody,

with regard to this old topic:

I would like to point out a problem that I noticed during the rendering into a PDF document.

In my asciidoc document I import some csv tables which contain very long property names like the following:


The problem is that these properties are too long to be displayed within a row of the table column - the line is therefore wrapped at the end.
In the rendered PDF the table cell looks like this:

If I now search for this property in the created pdf document, it will not be found, because the end of the line "cuts up" the text. So the PDF document interprets each line as a separate text.

My first thought was that it was the PDF format itself. But if I use the same table in Microsoft Word and save it as "accessible" pdf, I can find the property as "whole word".

Are there any workarounds to fix this problem in asciidoctor?

Thanks in advance.