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Generate list of related documents

I'm porting my C library's documentation from Mallard XML to ASCIIDoc. My existing documentation has a page for each type my library declares, and at the bottom of each type's page is a list of functions operating on that type:

This way, the page for the type can link to the pages for all the functions.

One nice feature Mallard has, is I can add an attribute to each function's page saying what types it operates on, and Mallard cross-links. I add a new function, and a link to the function's page automatically is added to the type page.

In ASCIIDoctor, the closest feature I can find is the "index", but that's not implemented for HTML yet. (Open bug for 3+ years.) Is there another way I could implement this? If you were to implement it as a macro, how would you go about it?