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I started to use asciidoctor-confluence (needed so all documentation stays in one place) and liked it. However the pushed HTML has it's shortcomings (links, admonitions, source code are not rendered correctly or poorly).

So I based on erb/html5 backend I created some replacements, which will:
* Use Confluence code macro for listing/source code.
* Use Confluence macros tip, info and warning for admonitions.
* Add Confluence Anchor macros for section titles when sectanchors is set.
* Use Confluence Link macro for xrefs.
* Use Confluence TOC macro for TOC (:toc must be macro, because asciidoctor-confluence does not generate header/footer/preamble).

I currently call this like: "-T /asciidoctor-backends/erb/html5 -T ./ad-be/erb/confluence -b xhtml"

Two questions:
* Is anyone interested I publish this? And so how would I do this? A PR to
* I do not want to copy all of html5, because a lot of things are just fine, so I only have 7 html.erb files in the confluence directory. Can I/how can I  "inherit" backends. Or should this be an switchable option in the HTML5 output?