Cannot include image from sub-sections

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Cannot include image from sub-sections

I wrote a document with included sections with this structure :

      |---- chap1.adoc
      |---- sections/
                | ---- section1.adoc
                | ---- images/
                         | ---- myimg.png
      | ---- foo.jpg

I generate my PDF with the following command :

    asciidoctor-pdf -b pdf mydoc.adoc

The mydoc.adoc looks like this :

    :doctype: book
    :encoding: utf-8
    :imagesdir: img

    = My life...
    Thierry <>


The chap1.adoc looks like this :

    == Foo

And finally the section1.adoc looks like this :

    === Some title
    image::../images/myimg.png[photo of me]

If I generate the PDF for section1.adoc (asciidoctor-pdf -b pdf section1.adoc), it includes the image. But If I generate the PDF for mydoc.adoc (asciidoctor-pdf -b pdf mydoc.adoc) from the root, it does not include the image.

And I get the following error :

    asciidoctor: WARNING: image to embed not found or not readable: C:/myproject/images/myimg.png

I looks like as if the generation does not take care of the paths and the structure...

Can someone help me ?


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Re: Cannot include image from sub-sections

Jeremie Bresson
Image path and includes are tricky.

You can find threads I have started on similar topics:
* asciidoctor-maven-plugin and images
* Understanding include directive and file path

Now my problem are solved, I you are interested it is in a public repo. But I am using Maven and Asciidoctorj, so your use case might be different. At the end my solution was not to use imagesdir at all (set to emtpy value) and I am using my own variable "imgsdir", set to an absolute path using maven.
Have you the latest version of asciidoctor?

I think the image path is computed depending if you have specified an absolute or a relative path.
The {imagedir} also plays a role. There are a lot of inputs in the user manual (search for imagesdir).

"C:/myproject" is where you run the command?
It looks like that the imagesdir value is not considered at all... The default "./images" is used.

Can you print the "imagesdir" value in your text?
Just do: My image dir path is {imagesdir}

I guess you do not have a problem if your structure is flat (mydoc.adoc and chap1.adoc and section1.adoc in the same folder).

There was a bug with path starting with "../" (this was for links, but who knows). Maybe you can try "fake/../../../img" with an empty imagesdir value.

An other test you can do is to try an absolute path. According to the doc, in that case the imagesdir value should be ignored.

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Re: Cannot include image from sub-sections

OK thx for this answer.

Based on what I understood, here is how I solded it :

In mydoc.adocs :

  :localdir: ./

In chap1.adoc :

    :localdir: chap1/

    :localdir: ./

  :imagesdir: {localdir}images


  local dir = {localdir}

  img dir = {imagesdir}


It works :-) But I do not like to have that ifdef at the begining...