AsciidoctorJ 1.6.0 is coming

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AsciidoctorJ 1.6.0 is coming

We're beginning to prepare for the long awaited AsciidoctorJ 1.6.0 release. This is a major release (despite the version number) and will be based on Asciidoctor 1.5.8. This is the only time the version number between AsciidoctorJ and Asciidoctor will be completely different, but it's a necessary step to prepare for the transition to 2.0.0 and semantic versioning.

For more information about this release, please refer to the issue being used to track it:


As a first step, the code in master will be branched as asciidoctorj-1.5.x and the code in the asciidoctorj-1.6.0 branch will be folded into master.

This release marks a very important milestone for this project and a sign of things to come. Congratulations to Robert, Jeremie, Abel, and the many other contributors who have contributed code, ideas, and documentation to this release. Your hard work can finally shine on as a stable release!



Dan Allen | @mojavelinux |