Asciidoctor-pdf problem with Nunito Sans

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Asciidoctor-pdf problem with Nunito Sans

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if I compile the following code test.adoc with asciidoctor-pdf 1.5.0.alpha.16 the character '*' will be rendered incorrectly with Nunito Sans (see attachment). If I use the default font everything works fine.

// test.adoc
= Title

== Section

Use Nunito Sans *

I am using the pdf configuration file:

# tdoc-min-theme.yml
    Nunito Sans:
        normal: nunitosans-regular.ttf
        bold: nunitosans-bold.ttf
        italic: nunitosans-italic.ttf
        bold_italic: nunitosans-bolditalic.ttf

# Base document page and normal paragraph text attributes
        family: Nunito Sans

I compile with:
asciidoctor-pdf -a pdf-stylesdir=./themes -a pdf-ontsdir=./themes/rsc/fonts/ -a pdf-style=tdoc-min -a pdf test.adoc

The character '*' will be rendered like the attached screenshot.

If I use the default font by commenting the line

#        family: Nunito Sans

in tdoc-min-themes.yml, I am getting the expected output.

Does anybody else encountered this problem?


NOTE: If I am using nunitosans-light.ttf the '*' will be rendered correctly in the pdf.

# tdoc-min-themes.yml
Nunito Sans:
        normal: nunitosans-light.ttf

What is really strange is that if I use pdftotext to dump the pdf files I get for both pdf files (non nunito sans and nunito sans) the correct text output '*'.