Asciidoctor: New, Noteworthy & Beyond

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Asciidoctor: New, Noteworthy & Beyond

I was accepted to give a presentation about Asciidoctor at Devoxx 2017 titled "Asciidoctor: New, Noteworthy, and Beyond". Due to problems with my travel documents, I was not allowed to travel to Belgium for the conference. Fortunately, Alex Soto stepped up and gave the talk in my absence. He did a fantastic job, especially considering he only had a few hours to prepare. Thanks Alex!

Since this presentation proposes future plans for Asciidoctor, I meant to post them to the list first. However, I've been juggling so many things lately that I find myself doing this out of order. But most of the topics are things we've been discussing for a while.

The presentation slides and script are available in this repository on GitHub:

You can also view the slides online (in a modern browser) here:

The first big reveal in the talk is the new logo. We still have some small things to sort out, but the design is set.

The second is Antora. Antora is a documentation site generator for users of Asciidoctor. I'll write a follow-up post to introduce it properly.

I'm interested to hear your thoughts about what I'm proposing for the (near) future of Asciidoctor.



Dan Allen | @mojavelinux |
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Re: Asciidoctor: New, Noteworthy & Beyond

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Hi Dan,

Asciidoctor evolved a lot within the last 2 years (since I became Asciidoctor user) and the more I use it the more I love it. All the Asciidoctor activities like improved SVG support, textlint and Antora sound very promising.

Your presentation slides created with Bespoke look very professional and I was able to view it in the browser based on the how-to of:

I would like to try bespoke with this demo and I have the following questions:
* where can I find information about how to write or create styles of bespoke like the src/styles/*.styl (GUI or just documentation)
* how to build the presentation (e.g. if I want to use it as template) - do I need to install Asciidoctor-Bespoke (e.g. from hub.docker) - how does the command look like?
* is the presentation using Official Plugins of Bespoke - are they installed by default with asciidoctor-bespoke or do I need to install them separately - is your presentation using any of these Official Plugins?
* is there any tool to create bespoke presentation or shall I simply use a plain text editor?

In general the management of all package dependencies is very complex for Asciidoctor. Having docker files like docker-asciidoctor are really helpful but it would be great to have bespoke included as well in this package. The user should be able to install a docker image and just use Asciidoctor in a simple way.

In the past I had to install many packages and to be honest I don't know which version of which tools are required or are installed in different versions etc. and if I still need them. As the dependencies are not clear to me I don't know if I can remove any package. This process really needs to be improved to make the usage of Asciidoctor as easy as possible.

Thanks a lot Dan.

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Re: Asciidoctor: New, Noteworthy & Beyond

Jeremie Bresson
In reply to this post by mojavelinux
Thank you for this post.

I really like the new Logo =>

When will you start to rollout it (use it on GitHub, on Twitter, ...). How can we help?